Formula 1 news: Howdy-do, my fellow F1 fans? Enjoying the off-season, are we? Surely, we aren’t! Anyhoo, if you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months, let me tell you this – Mercedes fired Valtteri Bottas in favor of George Russell. There, you’re now up to speed.

Brackley’s decision was simple, at least for me – the eight-time Constructors’ champions knew the Finn was not living up to his potential, not anymore. He was visibly tired of playing the second fiddle to Lewis.

Since the start of 2017, all Bottas ever got from Mercedes were a series of one-year contract extensions, meaning his future with the Silver Arrows was never really a given.

When Russell got announced, his seat at Williams was up for grabs. When Kimi announced his retirement, it opened a door for Bottas at Alfa. However, it wasn’t an easy choice to make, at least that’s what the Finn says…

Formula 1 news: Bottas at Alfa or Bottas at Williams – which one do you like more?

Ask me, I genuinely don’t think so that he would’ve gone back to Williams. The team is the second-slowest on the grid currently, and even if it did enjoy some point-scoring finishes last year, it’s still considerably slow.

Alfa, on the other hand, has shown signs of major improvement over the years. Especially in 2021. Kimi and the Italian Jesus were both able to finish near to the top 10 and at times, even score.

Heading into 2022, with Guanyu Zhou’s arrival, and the huge backing that comes along, Alfa’s chances of becoming quicker are plenty. Plus with Bottas’ experience over at Mercedes, it’ll be a cherry on top.

That said, on F1’s Beyond the Grid podcast, Valtteri was asked whether or not there was a chance he could remain with a Mercedes-powered team for 2022, to which he said it was.

Yes, there was. There was an option,” said Bottas. “For me, I think, realistically, for long-term at that point, with not so many options, it was either Williams or Alfa Romeo.”

God bless Frederic Vasseur

That man’s a legend! He brought in Charles Leclerc and look at how well the Monegasque is fairing over at Ferrari. Similarly, thanks to Fred’s convincing power, Valtteri decided to go for Alfa, a Ferrari-powered team.

More on that, Alfa also offered the Finn a two-year contract, something Mercedes could never offer him, unfortunately.

I tried to take as much information as I could from both sides, and at the same time listen to my gut feeling,” he recalled. “Just based on the decision, on information that I had.

Not easy. I feel like Williams is on the upside now. I think they have a good future. But somehow I had a feeling that Alfa was the right thing for me.”

It was kind of nice to go to non-Mercedes power,” he admitted. “Not to have the link. It’s completely new, something completely different for me.”


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