Formula 1 news: The Former F1 World Championship title victor, Damon Hill has made a revelation about Max Verstappen. He said that the Dutchman’s maturity when he was so young was surprising. Damon had initially interviewed Verstappen when he was a teenager.

Max Verstappen got his first chance to compete in a Formula 1 race in 2015. He raced for Torri Rosso, the junior team of Red Bull at the blooming age of 17.
In an episode of the prominent F1 Nation podcast, season 1996 winner Damon Hill said Verstappen’s maturity at such a young age surprised him.

He said that they were interviewing him and they could not believe they were speaking to a 17-year-old teen. Hill said that young Max had a solid answer to every question, and was incredibly confident in his opinions. His views were accurate and he had amazing answers. Hill said that it was “unbelievable“.

The Red Bull consultant and talent scout Helmut Marko also remarked on Verstappen’s maturity. He claimed the 24-year-old has evolved enormously as a racer and is now not as arrogant as before.

F1 latest news: Damon Hill reveals he was amazed by young Verstappen
F1 latest news: Damon Hill reveals he was amazed by young Verstappen

The young driver made numerous errors on track. People perceived him as a driver not as patient and mature as expected. However, Helmut Marko says Max Verstappen is now much more steady. He says the Dutchman knows how to take a grip on his excitement and emotions.

Helmut says Max is capable of looking at the bigger picture more precisely now and that’s a valuable difference.
He added that initially, Verstappen desired to be the quickest all the time and in any situation. However, now he has understood how to ace it skillfully.
The discrepancy is, he already showed that maturity during his very first race for Red Bull,” Helmut remarked.

Formula 1 news: Max Verstappen’s sensational career so far

Max Verstappen earned his first-ever world championship in the last season. He unexpectedly snatched the lead on the last lap of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. This dramatic victory made him the first driver from the Dutch to win an F1 championship.

In 2016, when Max was just 18, he participated in his debut race with Red Bull. He won the Spanish Grand Prix sprint, creating a record-breaking win and becoming the youngest title champion in history. He surpassed the dominance of Kimi Raikkonen in that sprint.

The most extraordinary fact about his 2016 victory was that it was his first-ever sprint for Red Bull’s major squad.

Verstappen used to be a part of the junior squad of Red Bull, Torro Rosso before that. He then got a call to take Daniil Kvyat’s place at the 2016 Grand Prix due to some reason.

When the 18-year aged racer got the call, he inferred it was a joke. He could not acknowledge that he was being called to the major team so early.
Then, Red Bull Advisor Helmut Marko held a meeting with Max Verstappen’s father Jos. He skillfully indicated that the young driver would be getting a once-in-a-lifetime chance.

Verstappen grabbed the opportunity and used it promisingly. He won his debut sprint for the team. He holds up the record to date.


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