Former four-time world champion does not F1 to bring about many changes and stick to its traditional methods.

While Alain Prost understands the need to adapt to a new younger and diverse audience, he wants Formula 1 to stick to its traditional methods in some aspects.

Referencing F1’s sprint qualifying concept on three occasions in the 2021 season, Prost said that he is totally against the reverse grid idea. He said, “F1 should not accept that, even for the sprint.”

“It is not because Lewis has done a fantastic race starting from last in Brazil that we should think that it’s going to be the same every time and with every driver. That does not happen like this. So I am much more for the tradition, and Formula 1 has to stay the way it did,” he further added.

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Alain Prost believes that a 23-race calendar would be hectic

Apart from that, the former racing driver also believes that the next year’s 23-race calendar would only weigh on team personnel.

“Twenty-three races is a lot,” Prost said. “Very difficult for the teams, very difficult for the people travelling, some of the mechanics, engineers, team principals that [are] running all the races, some not always in a good condition if you can imagine that, and it’s got to be very, very difficult.”

He recalled an incident from the past and said, “the first time we had three races in a row, even for me, I was losing a little bit of interest in a way, because it’s too close.

“It’s a compromise between the number of races, number of fans and obviously the money that you can generate.

“But if you have more success and you will bring more sponsors in, maybe we could have also a little bit fewer races. [But] it looks like it’s not the way that we are going.”

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