Max Verstappen talking about the re-shaping of Formula 1 cars in 2022 amidst the regulation changes will force him to reinvent himself.

The 2021 world champion had a fantastic year with his RBR16B, one of the fastest cars on the grid in recent history. Thus, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it was one of the most advanced cars in the history of F1.

From 2017 to 2021, F1 saw one of the fastest cars ever. However, the new regulations reportedly slow the cars in 2022 to some extent. Many in F1’s leadership assume that the teams would equal the gap as the season progresses.

“I like the current cars in terms of speed because it’s really impressive how much grip you have,” he said in an interview with sponsor CarNext.

“So, the new cars definitely will be a few seconds slower. But that is with the idea of having better racing, that you can follow a bit closer, that’s what they [F1] want. Because, at the moment, when you get close you have a lot of disturbance from the car in front.

“So I do hope that is going to happen,” he added. One of the most significant changes in 2022 is F1 introducing 18-inch tyres. Many F1 drivers tested them after the end of the season.

“The tyres will look completely different with 18-inch [wheels] – different reaction from the tyres as well, I have to adapt my driving to it,” said Verstappen.

“It feels a little bit sharper, the reaction of the tyres and just the general traction you have out of corners feels a bit different. So I’m interested to see how it’s going to feel in real life.”

Max Verstappen thinks adaption will be the key

Verstappen says it will be hard to see the cars of this generation going away. However, he is excited to work on the 2022 cars and thinks it will reshape his game.

“Everyone always says, ‘What is your driving style like?’” he said. “Well, I don’t think I actually have one, it’s just you adapt to the situation. That is your driving style because, if the car is understeery, you have to adapt yourself to the understeer.”

“If the car is oversteery, you have to adapt yourself to that. So you cannot say ‘this is my driving style and that’s how I’m going to drive’. It’s impossible because, sometimes, it just doesn’t work with the material you have. So I think adaptation at the end of the day is key.”

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